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DARC Online: ICG Recommendations for Zeiss Imaging Systems
(Megaplus 1.6i)

  1. Shoot ALL DARC study patient Indocyanine Green (ICG) Angiograms with the camera set at 50 degrees angle of view, for two reasons:
    1. The protocol for the Digital Angiography Reading Center (DARC) requires this angle of view.
    2. The Zeiss FF450+IR with Visupac has a flash boost mode (see 9 below) that increases flash power only at the 50 degree angle of view setting.
  2. Red-free (green) photos using normal exposure
  3. Focusing for ICG:
    1. Obtain sharp image of macula using red-free (green) filter.
    2. Look at the setting of the eyepiece of the FF450+IR camera.
    3. Adjust the setting on the camera ocular -4.5 diopters from your normal setting, that is, turn the eyepiece 4.5 lines to the minus direction from the setting you used for focusing on the macula.
    4. Focus again on the macula with the new setting using red-free (green) filter; the actual plane of focus is now into the choroid. Any minor focus adjustments, if necessary, should be made by observing the monitor.
    5. Engage ICG filter system.
  4. ICG starting flash = 26. This higher flash setting helps to capture early the choroidal filling phase.
  5. Reduce flash in early arterial-venous phase / mid-phase to a lower setting in order to prevent blowing out the image (blooming).
  6. For late-phase photography (later than 5 minutes) adjust flash back up to 25 or higher, as required for well exposed image.
  7. For additional flash intensity during ICG late phase, click the "Boost" button beneath the timer on the left side of the capture screen.
  8. Remember to return the eyepiece setting to normal setting when finished.

The exposure information listed here is intended as a starting point only.

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